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Let us create a website unique to your business
that will help you achieve your business goals.
• Unique Website Design

No “cookie cutter” approach. We’ll work closely
with you to design and create a unique website that
represents your business online the way you want
your business represented.

• Registration and Hosting

We’ll take care of obtaining your domain name and
keeping it renewed as long as we host your site.

• Easy to Use

No need to track down your website provider to make
minor changes or updates to your website. We’ll show
you how easy it is to do it yourself.

• Local Support

If you do need help making changes or updates, or if you
require more complex changes, additions or re-designs to
your site, we’re right here in Randolph County. You’ll
know where to find us.

• Mobile Friendly

• No Long-term Contract

• Security

• Economical

Your website designed for a large screen adapts
automatically for ease of use on mobile devices with
a slightly different but equally professional display.

We create websites with SSL technology that establishes
a secure, encrypted connection for all visitors when viewing your site or submitting information through your site.
Websites with SSL certificates are more trusted and
increase the credibility of your site.

Many website providers lock you into a multi-year
contract. With us there is no contract, and we’ll
deactivate your site and cease monthly billing
immediately upon request.

Expect to pay no more than $299 for a website
custom-designed for your business. On rare
occasions there may be additional charges for
extremely complex sites. Simpler sites may be
charged less than the standard fee. A $50 monthly
fee includes hosting, support, troubleshooting, domain
registration and renewal, and minor updates upon request.

If you are among the more than half of all small
businesses that do not have your own website or if
you are unhappy with the one you have, let’s talk.

Randolph Publishers
Since 1892


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