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Roanoke pharmacy robbed

A pair of thieves shattered one of the front window panes at Lowry Drugs and Gifts in Roanoke early Saturday morning and made off with a large amount of prescription pills.

The theft occurred around 4 a.m. Saturday, and surveillance footage from the pharmacy shows two masked individuals get out their car, break the window and go inside. They targeted the pharmacy’s supply of prescription painkillers and were out of the store in less than three minutes, according to the footage.

Roanoke police chief Jonathan Caldwell said his department has some leads on potential suspects, but no arrests have been made.

Prescription medicine is a hot commodity on local black markets, and it is likely the thieves took what they did with the intent to sell it on the streets. Caldwell said his officers and investigators will be on alert for increased activity of that nature here in Roanoke.

The break-in took place just minutes after the H&M Drugs location in Wedowee was broken into as well. H&M has been closed for several weeks, and it’s likely that the same thieves were responsible for both jobs.

Lowry Drugs and Gifts

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