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Truck sinks into Lake Wedowee

On Thursday evening, Randolph County Sheriff’s deputies assisted a driver whose truck had rolled into Lake Wedowee at Swagg boat ramp.

Jordan Ty Tenney of Wedowee had stopped at the boat ramp to dump a bucket of fish remains. As he was walking toward the water with the bucket, the 2020 F150 truck started rolling, going over the rocks beside the boat ramp and into the lake with Tenney unable to stop it.

He waved a boat over, and its occupants attempted to push the truck back toward the boat ramp. Then Tenney got into the truck and attempted to drive it backward, but the tires just spun. When the truck began to sink, he jumped back out.

His phone, wallet and shoes were in the truck. It was completely submerged when deputies arrived. East Alabama Truck Repair retrieved the truck from the lake.

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