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Daughter of Handley grad to be on ‘Dance Moms’

Charlee Kidd, daughter to Handley graduate Mike Kidd and his wife Christie Kidd and granddaughter to Fred and Rhonda Hill of Roanoke, has been selected by Abby Lee Miller to film an episode for “Dance Moms” that will air this September.

Charlee’s maternal grandmother, Betty Pate, is a fan of dance moms and heard they were casting for season 9 of the show. Together Betty and Christie submitted an email to Miller explaining the family’s love for the show, along with a video of Charlee’s solo performance.

Incredibly the family got an email back from Orlando saying that Charlee had been accepted for the show.

The family went to Orlando last Sunday for filming, with Abby falling in love with Betty and referring to her as “BAMA NANA”. It was an incredible experience for a Handley alumni’s family and for future dance mom’s star Charlee Kidd.

Charlee Kidd (left) with show host Abby Lee Miller (center) and grandmother Betty Pate on the set of Dance Moms in Orlando