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Franklin Rd. paving project gets final ok from city

All the I’s have been dotted and the T’s crossed on Roanoke’s planned repaving project of Franklin Road, and all that remains to be done is the actual paving work itself.

The Roanoke City Council unanimously approved a bid from Gary Ingram Grading and Paving for the project, at a cost of just under $1 million.

Ingram provided the project’s only bid, which came in initially at just over $1.2 million. But Harmon Engineering, which created the plans for the project, negotiated that down to $968,560.29, and that is the amount that the council approved Monday.

The majority of the funding for the project will come from state money provided through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) via the Alabama Department of Transportation.

Ingram is currently under contract with the city for its ongoing resurfacing projects, with Airport Road and Peachtree Street next in line to get new paving. The Franklin Road project, which will include multiple adjoining side streets, will fall in line behind those already scheduled jobs, but should get underway sometime this spring.

Taking care of


The council Monday also approved over $37,000 worth of expenditures for the city’s firefighters. The majority of that money – $32,740 – will be spent to purchase 10 new complete sets of turnout gear, the fireproof suits and helmets that firefighters wear while battling blazes. The city has 30 firefighters and the supply of usable gear had fallen below that number.

In addition to that gear, the city also renewed its cancer insurance policy for the fire department at a cost of $4,386 for the remainder of this year and all of next year. That policy is offered by the state and is special to firefighters because of increased exposure to carcinogens specific to the job.

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