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Separate sealed bids for the completion of the construction of Franklin Road for the City of Roanoke, Alabama, will be received by the City of Roanoke, 809 Main Street, PO Box 1270, Alabama 36274, until 3:00 pm CST, Thursday, March 16, 2023. No bids will be received after the time set forth hereinabove, and the Proposals will be publicly opened and read aloud.

The project consists of furnishing all labor, tools, materials, and equipment for completing the Improvements to Franklin Road project. Inspection of the site prior to submitting a bid is mandatory. A pre-bid meeting will be held at the City of Roanoke City Hall Thursday, March 7, 2023. Attendance at the pre-bid meeting is not mandatory.

Plans and Contract Documents may be obtained from the office of the engineer, Harmon Engineering & Contracting Co., Inc. located at 13376 C. L. Torbert Parkway, LaFayette, Alabama, 36862, upon payment of $125.00 per set, non-refundable. PDF sets are available for $60.00 per set non-refundable. Direct requests for bid packages to the address listed above, by email to, or by phone at 334-864-9135. The plans and specifications are also on file for examination at the Roanoke City Hall.

Bids will be opened publicly and read in the presence of those interested. The Owner reserves the right to waive any informality or to reject any or all bids. The owner reserves the right to select the lowest legal Bid deemed in the best interest of the owner. A “responsive” bid shall be evidenced by: (1), a Proposal Form completed in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders and with instructions and/or requests contained in any other sections of the Contract Documents; (2), a Proposal Form not evidencing any apparent unbalanced pricing for performance of the items of work; (3) a Proposal Form without excisions, special conditions or qualifications made by the Bidder.

Each bidder must deposit with his/her bid, security in the amount, form, and subject to the conditions provided in the information to bidders. A Performance Bond and a Payment Bond will be required from all contractors in an amount equal to 100% of the contract price, guaranteeing faithful performance of the contract and payment of all persons supplying labor and/or materials for the construction of the project.

Attention of bidders is particularly called to the requirements as to conditions of employment to be observed and minimum wage rates to be paid under the contract, Section 3, Segregated Facility, Section 109 and E.O. 11246.

All bidders must have a current Contractors License with appropriate specialties from the State of Alabama. Each bidder shall be responsible for knowledge of and compliance with the Alabama Public Works bid law, Alabama Code Section 39-1-1, et seq. Bids will be received only from experienced contractors who have successfully completed projects of similar scope.

Each bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope bearing on the outside the name of the bidder, his/her address, the name of the project for which the bid is submitted, and the bidder’s Alabama Contractor’s License Number. If forwarded by mail, the sealed envelope containing the bid must be enclosed in another envelope addressed as specified. Envelopes containing bids must be addressed as follows, and delivered to Mr. Tim Jacobs, Purchasing Agent, City of Roanoke, 809 Main Street, PO Box 1270, Roanoke, AL 36274 and marked “Bid for IMPROVEMENTS TO FRANKLIN ROAD”. No bidder may withdraw his/her bid within 30 days after the actual date of the opening thereof.


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