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Roanoke to begin charging next week for C&D pickup

The City of Roanoke’s plan to implement charges for what it refers to as C&D (construction and demolition) waste collection will take effect March 1.

The formerly free service provided by the city will now require scheduled pickups arranged with the city, and the items collected will carry designated fees. If C&D materials are left in front of someone’s property without the arrangement of a scheduled pickup the property owner or resident will be subject to fines.

The city is working on door-to-door distribution of notices of this policy to every residence and business in town.

The notice is signed by Roanoke Mayor Jill Patterson-Hicks and all of the city council members, save one. Tammi Holley’s signature is absent from the form, and she voiced her concern over the policy at Monday’s city council meeting.

Part of her concern is that citizens will simply find random places to dump their trash instead of going through the proper channels with the city.

To help counteract that, the city has set up what it is referring to as a “convenience center” that will accept C&D items dropped off by citizens, for a fee. According to the notice that is being distributed, “Roanoke citizens, only, will be able to take items such as furniture, appliances, metal and wood items to the convenience center for disposal….There will be a $10 fee per truck load and a $15 fee for each trailer load. No commercial vehicles allowed.”

The convenience center is located at the former National Guard Armory building on LaFayette Highway.

The hope is that if someone has items for disposal already loaded onto a vehicle with the intent of dumping it, that that person will take it to the convenience center rather than to random roadside locations in the city or county.

The pick up of C&D materials is still free of charge until March 1. The city has fallen behind on its pickup of these items, as the boom truck used for most of the work was out of service for several weeks and has only recently been repaired.

In a related move Monday the council voted to officially form its planned sanitation department, which will oversee and implement the city’s new garbage collection services. For years the city has contracted residential garbage collection through a third party, but that will come to an end when the city’s current contract with Amwaste expires this year. Roanoke has already purchased two garbage trucks, as well as the residential trash bins currently used by Amwaste.

The sanitation department will provide the workforce necessary to carry out the weekly collection of residential garbage in the city. Collection of garbage from commercial dumpsters will continue to be conducted through a third party, and the city is in the process of receiving bids for that service.

Black History recognition

In honor of Black History Month in February, the council at Monday’s meeting recognized four Black Roanoke citizens for their contributions to the community. Portia Wofford was present at the meeting to receive her framed proclamation. KES counselor Brent Meadows, former Handley basketball star Tanesheia Thompson and former Miss Southern Union Whitney Wright were also recognized.

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