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Wedowee forms merchant association

At a full house meeting of merchants from inside the town limits and around the area, the Wedowee Merchant’s Association was born last week in an organizational meeting. The group intends to be active in attracting and creating new things for Wedowee, but also protecting the roots. The group will not only work with each other for the benefit of the town but will work closely with Mayor Tim Coe and the Wedowee Town Council.

The association appointed officers and board members at the first meeting. The board members are Barry Waldrep (president), Jack Burnside (Vice President), Pam Johnson (Secretary), Tommy Holmes (Treasurer), Eddie Creed, Al Haynes and Scott Bayliss.

President Waldrep said, “I am very proud to say Wedowee, Alabama is my hometown. The memories of growing up here are all positive and now I am very happy to be back as an adult.”

He went on to say there have been many businesses to join in the last week and he appreciates their support.

“The one thing that we all have in common is that all efforts are focused on what’s best for Wedowee. If anyone has any questions, I will be happy to talk with you face to face, individually or we welcome your questions and comments at the quarterly meeting. Wedowee is a great town and we want to move forward on many great things in a positive way. Working together, great things happen.”

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