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Roanoke to spend $100,000 on recreation center improvements

The Roanoke City Council Monday agreed to spend $100,000 on needed repairs and improvements to the city’s recreation center gym.

The bulk of that money will pay to replace the gym floor, which has buckled in places and has created an uneven surface, causing multiple challenges for the basketball games that are played there on a routine basis.

Half of the $100,000 will come from a grant. As one of the prerequisites for the grant, the city must match the funds awarded, so the grant will provide $50,000 and the city will pay the same amount.

The price tag for the new floor is $73,148, but all of the money associated with the grant is earmarked for recreation center use. That leaves just over $26,000 that the city must still decide how to spend at the center.

One of the possibilities discussed was to replace the bleachers in the gym. But the $26,000 is not believed to be enough to cover the entire cost of bleacher replacement, so further discussions are required before a final decision is made.

The recreation center will play out its current basketball season on the existing floor and repairs will begin once the season is complete.

More trash cans

The city continues to add to its arsenal of trash bins as it prepares to take over garbage collection duties later this year. Roanoke already agreed to purchase all of the 2,400-plus current bins in use from Amwaste, but that purchase does not provide the city with replacement bins for when existing bins go missing or are damaged beyond repair.

With that in mind the city agreed Monday to pay $22,763.65 for 351 additional carts that will be stored by the city and used as replacements as needed.

Fire department gear

Roanoke’s fire department recently learned that it had been turned down for a grant that would have funded much-needed turnout gear for its firefighters.

On Monday the city council stepped in and agreed to foot the bill for 10 sets of turnout gear at an estimated cost of just over $56,000. That’s nearly double the original estimate that the city got two years ago when it first priced the gear, but there’s a chance that price could change because the city must receive bids for the purchase.

The council agreed Monday to move forward with the bidding process to facilitate the purchase of the gear.

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