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Randolph County Sheriff and Roanoke Police reports

December 26, 2022 – January 2, 2023

Tonya Baker, 46, of 5551 Co Rd 87, Roanoke – Probation violation – Dec 21

Walter Eugene Eagleson, 60, of 526 Co Rd 4801, Woodland – Criminal Trespassing, Harassment – Dec 27

Kevin James Sudduth, 39, of 2787 Co Rd 16, Roanoke – Failure to appear in court (child support) – Dec 28

Kevin Russell Crews, 25, of 784 Banks Rd, Roanoke – Two counts of failure to appear in court – Dec 28

James Lane Garrett, 41, of 97 Co Rd 4802, Woodland – Failure to appear in court (posession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, promoting contraband) – Dec 29

Dec 26 – A man reported that a pack of dogs attacked and killed some of his son’s cattle on some land that he owns on Co Rd 408.

Dec 26 – A deputy was dispatched to Co Rd 10 in Newell in reference to a grass fire that was close to a house. When the deputy arrived, the grass fire had reached the residence. The victim stated that he was burning boxes and the fire got out of control.

Dec 27 – A deputy was dispatched to Tanner Medical Center in reference to a patient being treated for injuries from an incident involving a man throwing an explosive item into his vehicle. The victim stated that he was driving home from work from Co Rd 59 onto Co Rd 134 when he viewed a male waving his arms. The victim stopped to help the man, rolling down his window, when the man threw something into his car and it exploded.

Dec 29 – A woman reported that scrap iron was taken from her property on Co Rd 95, Wedowee and left on her neighbor’s property. The victim stated that this is not that first time that this has happened.

Dec 29 – A woman reported several storage containers stolen that were filled with antique pottery and stainless steel pots and pans. The victim advised that the containers were in a storage building behind her mother’s house, and when she went inside the building she noticed things were strewn about and several of the storage containers were missing.

Dec 30 – A deputy was dispatched to a vehicle fire on Co Rd 99. The owner of the vehicle advised that he was driving home when he noticed smoke in the cab of the vehicle. He stopped to see what was going on and noticed flames in the back seat area. When he was unable to put the fire out he then contacted 911.

Roanoke arrests:

Christopher Hunter Pike, 27, of 203 Mulberry St, Roanoke – Failure to appear in court (third degree criminal trespassing) – Dec 21

Bobby Lee Sheppard, 39, of 14870 Co Rd 65, Roanoke – Failure to appear in court (two counts of driving with a suspended liscense, no insurance) – Dec 22

Frank Ricky Heflin, Sr., 62, of 368 Johnson St, Roanoke – Domestic simple assault (family) – Dec 27

Jessie Derell Cosby, 38, of 169 Oak St, Lineville – Two counts of failure to appear in court – Dec 28

Terrence Lamar Hughley, 29, of 177 Co Rd 667, Roanoke – Possession of Cocaine – Dec 29

Terrance Durand Sims, 47, of 333 Weathers Height St, Wedowee – Possession of Methamphetamine – Dec 30

William Devon Clark, 66, of 1320 Satterwhite St, Roanoke – Second degree possession of Marijuana – Jan 2


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