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Construction on new golf facility underway in county

A long-dormant golf project in northern Randolph County is receiving new life, and if things go according to plan the county will have a new family-friendly driving range by springtime.

Plans for The Range, a new driving range facility near Foster’s Crossroads, were made public this week as construction is underway on the new recreational golf spot.

The building is being constructed on County Road 269 across the street from where, approximately 30 years ago, construction of a golf course began but was never completed. Google Maps images show the footprint of the golf course, which may eventually factor into the plans for a more ambitious project by The Range owners Mike and Tricia Jones of Wedowee.

In 2020 the couple moved from Georgia to the Wedowee area where they own and operate a contracting business call High Caliber Contracting.

“When Mike learned there was a property that many years ago a golf course was started on but never finished he had to see it,” Tricia said. “Mike gets his love of golf from his dad who is an avid golfer. The original draw of the property was to one day finish the golf course.”

But once the Joneses saw the property firsthand they quickly shifted their thinking.

“We felt that the priority should be to create something for families of all ages and skill levels to do together, and that is how The Range was born,” Tricia said.

The plan is to have a driving range that is open during the day for more serious golf enthusiasts to work on their game, while also having a place where recreational players can come on nights and weekends for parties or events. They plan to install Top Tracer technology (the same system used by other companies such at Top Golf), which tracks the trajectory of a golf ball on a screen and gives players the opportunity engage in a variety of competitive games against other players in their group. The Range will also serve food and drinks.

The Joneses hope to have The Range open by April of this year, and after that they hope to turn their attention to their original ambition of completing the nearby golf course.

“I am thankful for the continued business and support that the people of Wedowee have given High Caliber Contracting,” Mike Jones said. “It is my hope that The Range will be received with the same warm welcome. We are working hard to create something we can all enjoy together.”


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