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Commission expresses concern over office space

At last week’s meeting of Randolph County Commission, the main topic of discussion was office space or the lack of office space. Commissioners discussed office space now being used by the District Attorney, the forestry commission and pardons and paroles. It was noted the space being occupied by the district attorney was never formally approved by the commission.

Commissioners agreed that any additions of office space in the annexes or courthouse need to come before the commission to be approved. The office being used by the District Attorney was previously used by the Circuit Judge.

The commission denied the request for continued use of the office. The commission agreed to send a letter to the forestry commission and pardons and paroles to notify them the commission will be requiring a lease agreement for their offices in the annex next to the commission office. The concern over this space has been ongoing after repairs had to be made to the floor.

Sheriff’s cost of living adjustment expense

The commission held a lengthy discussion on the options for the sheriff’s cost of living expense. The cost of providing the additional money could result in an approximate $4,000 shortfall in the 2023 budget. The increase was approved by the legislature in the 2022 session and will give a substantial pay raise to all sheriffs around the state.

The commission agreed there were two options to cover the raise. The first would be a possible budget amendment in April 2023, and the second would be to approve an amendment to the budget which would cause the shortfall. It was noted that prior to October 1, the sheriff’s salary was $82,262.40 per year. On October 1, the salary was moved to $88,152.00 per year per state pay grade printed in August. However, the sheriff’s salary should have increased to $91,677.60 per year per state pay grade printed in October. On January 1, 2023, the salary will increase to $93,921.60 per year per state pay grade. The commission will move forward surplus funds.

In other business, the commission:

  • Approved the closing of a portion of County Road 838 and Quarry Drive.
  • Approved a request from District Judge Amy Newsome to pay Becky Cooper for her work done for Drug County grant services in October and November. Commissioner Larry Roberts voted no.
  • Approved a request from Judge Newsome to contract with Mierra Phillips to coordinate the Drug Court grant.
  • Approved to continue as the fiduciary of the Drug Court grant.
  • Approved to begin the process of entering into an agreement with Eugene’s owned by Clay Campbell for a lease purchase of the Corelinc Building on Highway 431 in Roanoke.
  • Did not approve to rescind a motion made in October, 1992 requiring mandatory garbage pickup in the county.
  • Approved Porter-Higginbotham Engineering as the consultant for the FEMA pipe project on County Road 7 at Sandy Creek.
  • Denied requests to allow the addition of links to various businesses on the commission web site.
  • Approved bids for rip rap and granite to be used by the highway department.
  • Approved to rebid limestone and quartzite due to no bids received.
  • Approved to declare a Dodge Dakota truck driven by maintenance and grounds as surplus property and transfer a Ford F-150 from the gas tax fund to the general fund.
  • Approved the motor vehicle check policy change for new hires.
  • Approved the job description for an appraisal clerk as requested by Revenue Commissioner Tammy Farr.
  • Approved combining the December 8 workshop and the December 12 meeting due to commissioners and staff attending the county commission legislative conference.
  • Approved for the highway department to rent a lift truck to hang a Christmas wreath on the front of the courthouse.
  • Met in executive session to discuss the good name and character and general reputation of an individual.


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