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WHEREAS, Ordinance 820.01 of the City of Roanoke governs nuisances located within the city and the City followed all procedural and notice requirements of said ordinance;

WHEREAS, the following properties are before the City Council for a determination to be made as to whether the properties shall be declared a public nuisance under Ordinance 820.01:

1. Handley Avenue, Roanoke, Alabama property

a. Legal Description: See attached deed.

b. Parcel ID Number: 56 16 07 26 3 012 011.000

c. Last person to pay taxes:

d. Name on the last recorded deed: Jake Moore and Wendy Moore

e. Lien Holders: None.

NOW THEREFORE be it resolved that the properties listed above are hereby declared public nuisances and that the City shall proceed forward and spend City funds to cause the nuisances to end on the said properties.


Amanda Davis, Clerk

Jill Patterson Hicks, Mayor

City of Roanoke

Mike Parmer, Council Member

Kesa Johnston, Council Member

Tommy Rushton, Council Member


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