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Republicans, incumbents get vast majority of county votes

As expected, Randolph County voters went to the polls in Tuesday’s mid-term elections and added their votes to the state’s Republican landslide. With many local offices on the ballot unopposed, county voters landed overwhelmingly on the side of the incumbent office holders.

Sheriff David Cofield staved off 557 write-in votes to pick up 90 percent of the ballots cast and earn re-election here in Randolph County. And that was the closest local race.

State Senator Randy Price and State Representative Bob Fincher, who were also unopposed, did even better than the sheriff, landing over 99 percent of the votes cast in the county on their way to re-election. Those numbers fell in line with county coroner Terry Sparks and county Board of Education members Cindy Head (district 5) and Tim Prince (district 7), all of whom were unopposed and picked up over 99 percent of the vote.

Nearly 85 percent of county voters punched a straight Republican ticket, compared to 15 percent Democrat and less than one percent Libertarian. As such, the county overwhelmingly backed Kay Ivey in her bid for re-election to the Governor’s office and Katie Britt in her successful attempt to fill Richard Shelby’s U.S. Senate seat, among the notable statewide offices.

No non-Republican on the ballot received more than 16 percent of the vote in any race.

All of the 10 statewide constitutional amendments on the ballot received a majority of county support.

A total of 6,628 ballots were cast in the county, which represents a 36 percent voter turnout.


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