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As required by the provisions of Amendment 772 (c) of the Alabama Constitution of 1901, notice is hereby given that the Wedowee Town Council will consider the offering of inducements and things of value to A & E Metal Roofing Supply in exchange for its business expansion, located in Wedowee Alabama. Consideration of this proposal will take place at the regular city council meeting held on August 2nd, 2022 at 5:00 pm CT at Wedowee Town Hall, Wedowee, Alabama. The possible inducements contemplated to be offered include;

Sales tax rebates:

Rebate City Sales Tax: The Town of Wedowee will rebate back to A & E Metal Roofing Supply 10 % (ten percent) of City Sales Tax collected for a period of 5 (years) years beginning on the date A & E Metal Roofing Supply has installed their new equipment and completed their building expansion. This rebate will be remitted to A& E Metal Roofing Supply on a quarterly basis.

The public benefits sought to be achieved by this action are the inducement of the construction of the retail restaurant and operation by A & E Metal Roofing Supply in Wedowee, AL with an anticipated investment cost by the owner of $500,000 dollars and the retaining of employment of approximately 5 people.

The identity of the business entity for those whose benefit the municipality proposes to grant things of value is A & E Metal Roofing Supply.

Tim Coe


Town of Wedowee, Alabama


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