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Local farmers market produces tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and growing opportunities

WADLEY – Young entrepreneurs of tomorrow get a head start today by selling at their local farmers market.

Bryce Brown and Will Huckabay, grandsons of Dale Carol Knight explain how they are able to sell produce at their grandparents’ local farmers market. From their grandparents’ garden, Brown and Huckabay harvest the produce that they eventually sell at the market themselves. Brown says they pick the vegetables that are ripe and pretty with the intention to sell them at the market on Tuesdays and leave the unripe ones to continue growing.

In the last two years, Bryce and Will have sold tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and other vegetables. They hope to harvest and sell watermelons and cantaloupes this year as well. These young people have done pretty well so far. Their motto has been “If we don’t sell it, the Buggs will eat it,” understanding that Bugg is a family name, their great-grandparents being Bob and Helen Bugg.

Wadley’s farmers market in general is also a source of homegrown and locally processed goods. Market manager Marcia Houze emphasizes the significance of local markets, explaining how they allow community members to buy and sell fresh produce grown from smaller personal crops where growers may choose which fertilizers and pesticides come in contact with their plants more specifically.

All fresh produce that is sold at Wadley’s market is grown at local farms, and goods such as jellies, sauces and other processed or canned items are made locally. Wadley’s market is state certified and follows state guidelines, which allow market sellers to accept Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) cards for fresh produce and honey sales.

Wadley’s farmers market is open on Tuesdays from 8 to 11 a.m. and is a great spot to buy quality produce from local vendors, take advantage of the Alabama Extension services that are available at the market, learn more about the opportunities as a grower in the community through the Grow More Give More Extension program and much more.

 Bryce Brown (center) and Will Huckabay (right) make a sale to Cindy Davis (left) last Tuesday morning at the Wadley farmers market.

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