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ADEM puts more requirements on utilities board

Roanoke Utilities Board is facing some of the same issues as other government agencies, more requirements and mandates without funds to pay for them.

At the March 21 meeting of Roanoke Utilities Board, manager Pam Bonner told the board about new rules from ADEM (Alabama Department of Environmental Management) that include:

  • Water tanks can no longer be inspected in-house and must be done by an outside company. Tanks must be inspected inside and out.
  • The PFAS test must be done quarterly instead of yearly. The test checks for phosphates, fluoride and alkaline in the water system. Bonner noted this is an expensive test.
  • The level of lead and copper is being lowered annually. It will be more difficult for the water system to pass the test.

Manager’s report

Board manager Pam Bonner gave the following report to the board:

The two trucks and truck bed placed in the recent equipment auction sold for a total of $41,800. Insurance coverage on the vehicles has been cancelled.

The Public Service Commission inspected the gas system and made some recommendations, such as replacing faded markers on the gas line and cutting gas to abandoned houses.

Some problems have been noted reading water meters, and the board will decide what to do on replacing some of the meters.

The board members signed a resolution from Municipal Water Pollution Program.

ERA, the company that conducts testing of the wastewater plant and treatment plant, has had a price increase.

Bonner asked for approval to attend the Municipal Gas Authority conference.


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