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New mural brings splash of color to downtown Woodland

WOODLAND – Upon the commission of Outer Limits Arts and Media by building owners Jay Herren and Brooke Herren Welborn, and the town of Woodland, a new mural is coming to Woodland.

The mural is similar to the one that was recently painted in Wedowee displaying the message “Welcome to Wedowee” with each letter of Wedowee portraying specific sites eminent to life in Wedowee.

The Woodland mural says, “Welcome to Woodland – A Place to Call Home.” The mural depicts the American flag and soldier, cattle, Vern Gosdin, the Woodland Bobcats, a barn, the old building that the current Herren Monument and Memorial company occupies and a church – all eminent depictions of life in Woodland.

Artists Dan Seymour and Amber Burns explain the process of painting a mural and just what it means to them to be able to add to Woodland’s history.

“Art can bring people together,” Burns says. She explains that she and Seymour truly enjoy their jobs as artists. Both explained that painting murals is such a rewarding pastime as people from the community stop by frequently to comment and compliment them on their day-to-day progress. “The people here are so kind – that’s why we do this,” the two expressed.

The task of creating the mural’s design can be a lengthy process, but after a blueprint is drawn up, the painting process can begin. The team started by outlining the letters in the word “Woodland” in preparation to paint each illustration.

Seymour and Burns are able to incorporate their own unique style in each element of the “new” and “old” town of Woodland. Even before starting the project, the team conducted research on the town to really understand the importance of this art piece. They explained the slight pressure an artist may feel when creating something that represents an entire community, but with reassuring comments from passersby, they feel honored to be a part of the experience.

Both Seymour and Burns expounded on how they “leave their mark” everywhere they go as artists, and further explained that although mural painting is time consuming, it is incredibly rewarding.

As for building owner Brook Herren Welborn, she explains why she and her father wanted the mural on their building. Welborn says they wanted to create something that would make a big impact in the small town.

Wellborn went on to explain some of the elements in each letter. For example, the “W” and the first “O” show the American flag, as the people of Woodland are patriotic and proud to be American. The soldier against the flag represents the men who have and do serve in the military from the area.

The second “O” renders the very building the mural is painted on while the letter “D” portrays Vern Gosdin, the Woodland-born country singer. The letter “L” is the old Woodland school. “Everyone is proud to be a Bobcat,” Welborn says. The last three letters include cows in a barnyard, a tractor in a field and a church.

Welborn hopes that as Woodland natives and visitors alike stop by the mural to snap a photo, they link their own experiences in the town to the piece of art.

Artists (left) Amber Burns and (right) Dan Seymour sit on a scaffold in front of the new mural.

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